Snow Sakura – H Visual Novel

Snow Sakura, an erotic visual novel…

Since this post is H-free, I won’t be posting any H-scene from the game.

So, the story is about a guy named, Yuuji Tachibana who is left by his parents to his cousin. Transferring from tokyo to Hokkaido, life for him is hard there because it is hell cold. The story is about a flower that blooms in the middle of the winter. If a boy and girl proposes love for each other under the tree, then the love will be successful.

Gameplay: 7/10

Typical H-Visual Novel. You choose the correct choices, get the girl and boom, finish.

Story: 8/10

A flower that blooms in the middle of the winter, how nice. Another thing is that this is that this is not some kind of fantasy game.


Tachibana Saki – your cute cousin

Souya Misaki – So has a crush on you.

Kozue Hiyama – Lesbian. period.

Rei Kisaragi – A very hot Senior with blue hair!! (She’s a Shrine Maiden)

Souya Misato – your teacher. lol

Graphics / Sound: 10/10

The pictures are nice compared to some visual novel. Sound is also nice. You won’t get bored.

Playtime / Replayability – 8/10

why the hell will you get bored in this game? you get to meet 5 different girls. In the extra menu, you can get the repeat scenes* (emphasis).

Overall – 8.12/10

A very nice Visual novel, worth getting and playing.

A pic of Rei. WOOOO!


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